Here's some styled content for your viewing pleasure.

First, let's talk typeface.

The font family you're looking at is called Open Sans.
The sample sentences will be set in 18-point font.
Supplementary text will be set in 11-point font.
Cool? Cool. Let's get started.

Let's try changing our font weight.
Here we have some heavyweight type. You can read it if you want.

We can also play around with font style.
For instance, this font is italicized.

Next, let's look at wider letter spacing.
Ooooh, look at all this white space!

Dare me to use text-transform to make a sentence uppercase.
You didn't have to ask me twice!

And for my final trick, I shall conjure an underline.
Viola! Here it is, right here. No, over here. You're looking at it.

This concludes today's styled type demonstration.
Thanks for reading!