1. Name: Mikki Janower

    Major: Communications Design with a double minor in Creative Writing and Art History

    Year: Junior

  2. I'm hoping to be a creative director, so I suspect I'll mainly be making wireframes in the long run, but I think a deeper understanding of code will be really important in my ability to communicate with design teams. I've been meaning to learn more about code for years, and I'm so happy that I finally have the opportunity!

  3. I have some experience in interaction design, but I've largely customized set templates and focused on the aesthetic rather than the functional side. Years ago, I took an elective course in Javascript, html and css, and I really loved it; that said, I've retained embarrassingly little.

  4. Interactive visual effects! Also, Sketch or another wireframe program, if we cover that.

  5. Typesetting! More constraints re. tracking + leading.

  6. http://jen.lu is not only a vehicle for displaying other design work, it's also a piece of art unto itself.

  7. https://studio-august.com is clean, reductive and deceptively easy to navigate.

  8. http://www.humanaut.is has a remarkable user narrative and does its job infallibly. I'm obsessed with the search bar on the landing page!